The SOLiD Advantage

Keeping people connected and safe in a rapidly changing world.

Our connected world is rapidly changing. It’s a densification, evolution, and revolution.

SOLiD is helping build our wireless future through a portfolio of innovative RF Amplifier, RF Radio and Optical Transport solutions. SOLiD is battle-tested by global wireless operators at some of the world’s best-known venues and densely-populated places.

As a key contributor to the wireless densification evolution, SOLiD Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) empower cellular coverage and capacity at hospitals; sports and entertainment venues; government, university and corporate buildings and campuses; international airports and metropolitan subways; and other high-profile sites.

SOLiD is also advancing the densification revolution through Cloud RAN and next-generation indoor / outdoor solutions that reimagine the wireless network. SOLiD has helped SK Telecom deploy one of the world’s first and largest Cloud RAN networks with our optical fronthaul technology.

From LTE and FirstNet-ready solutions to a portfolio that’s tailored for virtually any project; pre- and post-deployment ingenuity that reduces complexity and risk… SOLiD delivers the advantage to ensure wireless service any time, any place.

Reduce Risk. Reduce Complexity. Choose SOLiD.


Implement solutions that have been deployed in the most challenging and best known venues in the world.

LTE & FirstNet Ready

Deliver LTE services in any band, guarantee RF power control so operators can lock-in power levels, and comply with public-safety requirements including essential 2-way radio (UHF/VHF) and public-safety (700/800) communications.

Tailored for Your Needs

Achieve optimized capacity, coverage and efficiencies by mixing and matching a portfolio of 1W, 5W, and 20W Remotes on a single system that requires just a single strand of fiber.

Accelerated Field Deployments

Fast-track and simplify field deployments with gear that is shipped assembled, configured and tested in our lab through our ACT33 process, and EasySet software which automatically configures the network.

Peace of Mind

Maximize network performance through NOC monitoring services, assure SLA standards with SOLiD Gold Support, and safeguard your investment with the best standard warranty in the industry.

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