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The quality of patient care has a lot to do with the infrastructure that supports it.

That’s where we come in. With the immense advances in patient care, it’s imperative that the communications that underpin its effectiveness, is as reliable as it is innovative. Make the SOLiD choice.

By providing the technological building blocks for a reliable, seamless, future-ready infrastructure, SOLiD ensures that caregivers are supported in their overarching goal to improve overall patient safety and care.

Wi-Fi and 3G/4G enabled tablets run data-rich healthcare applications. Connected healthcare requires mobility anywhere – inside and outside the hospital. SOLiD is dedicated to ensuring that healthcare organizations and their staff have always-on wireless coverage for each of their critical applications, including:

  • Unified voice and data services
  • Location-based services for tracking and capital equipment management
  • IP over WLAN-based communication systems
  • Wireless temperature
  • Monitoring for blood and tissue refrigeration
  • Emerging solutions and technologies
ALLIANCE for Healthcare

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