SOLiD Hospitality


Hospitality is all about providing the best guest experience.

We produce the technology to connect you with that reality. Travelers demand reliable wireless coverage in their hotel rooms and facilities, while staff depend on wireless solutions to manage the guest’s experience.

SOLiD provides a broad spectrum of wireless services for guest satisfaction.

SOLiD helps hospitality providers deliver the communication services guests expect by ensuring seamless wireless coverage throughout their properties. Just some of the hospitality applications supported by a SOLiD solution include:

  • Unified voice and data services for guests and employees
  • Expanded wireless coverage throughout the property
  • Public Safety Compliance
  • Wireless Systems such as restaurant ordering

SOLiD’s systems are designed to create flexibility in the choices of services to implement and to be modular to support feature guest expectations such as LTE and WiMax without significant modification. SOLiD’s single fiber system also reduces the cost and inconvenience of installation which is especially important for occupied properties.

ALLIANCE for Hospitality