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Can your wireless network meet the demand for capacity and coverage in a harsh environment?

Increasingly, commuters everywhere expect seamless high-capacity wireless service as an integral part of their lives. Staff and public safety personnel also rely upon wireless networks to do their jobs and maintain a safe environment. Staying connected with business associates, friends, family and media is part of nearly everyone’s daily routine. No matter what carrier they subscribe to, a fast, dependable connection is expected throughout a subway’s harsh, subterranean environment.

Stay connected wherever you are.

Every leg of a subway, train depot, and wing of an airport terminal is different. Today’s commuters and travelers demand uninterrupted wireless connectivity whenever their journeys lead them to a mass transit hub and points beyond.

Airports present a special set of challenges with their expansive terminals, high ceilings and other wide-open areas. While subways and railways often weave through harsh environments, the prevailing passenger demand for connectivity remains. And when travelers are stuck on a layover, waiting for the next train or racing down the corridor to their next flight and business meeting, they are also inundating wireless networks with voice calls and data, scrambling for those on-the-go updates and bursts of productivity.

ALLIANCE for Transportation
SOLiD Connected Transportation Diagram

Enabling coverage and capacity in these high-traffic areas can be a challenge, but at SOLiD, we understand the unique set of circumstances that mass transit hubs must consider on their path to next-generation mobility.

  • SOLiD solutions increase the bandwidth capacity of your fiber optic infrastructure by leveraging patented multiplexing technology.
  • SOLiD DAS solutions require only one fiber to support eight remote units, delivering signal in large spaces like far-reaching terminals and tunnels.
  • SOLiD support commercial cellular, public safety and two-way radio on a fiber-efficient common platform.
  • SOLiD technology solutions and services are also designed to expand with modularity as transit operations grow.
  • SOLiD Optical Network solutions reclaim up to 31 fiber strands per line. You can consolidate existing services on fewer strands or add new services without new fiber.
  • Pre-configured DAS components and zero-touch auto-provisioning of Optical Network gear make turn up a snap.
  • SOLiD Professional Services ensure optimal design and deployment as well as peace-of-mind network maintenance, monitoring, and expert support.

Whether waiting for your next flight or winding down the track to your next stop at the other end of town, you can rely on SOLiD’s pragmatic solutions and world-class equipment to fulfill your ever-changing mobile needs.


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