SOLiD Continues Patent Infringement Defense

READING, Berkshire — January 22, 2021 — SOLiD, a leading innovator in cellular in-building and public safety infrastructure, intends to continue its vigorous defense against lawsuits filed by CommScope relating to SOLiD’s Genesis DAS system, including its recently announced December 18, 2020 lawsuit in Germany. SOLiD has already been defending against patent infringement proceedings in both the US and UK since May 18, 2020, with the US case being dismissed in January 2021.

As one of the earliest providers of 5G solutions to the market, SOLiD intends to continue to provide innovative DAS products, including the Genesis DAS, to its customers around the world. SOLiD believes that SOLiD remains free to offer and sell all of its DAS products, including its Genesis DAS, and services in all parts of the world including UK, Germany and US. SOLiD’s innovative Genesis DAS products have not been withdrawn from any market.

SOLiD respects valid intellectual property rights of third parties. It will seek sensible solutions where necessary but will defend itself in courts as necessary as it has done successfully in the past in a patent lawsuit brought by another global company. And while CommScope’s complaints and press release tout CommScope’s supposed success in litigating its patents against another, different company, SOLiD’s Genesis DAS products are different and not affected by that lawsuit.

SOLiD looks forward to a resolution of these matters, and is confident it will prevail against CommScope’s allegations in the German and UK courts.