CONNECT (X) 2018 Observations

I just returned from CONNECT(X) last week in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte’s a great city, and the CONNECT (X) agenda and exhibit area was very well organized.

We at SOLiD had a decent size booth and had plenty of traffic. Discussions at our booth and throughout the conference continue to center around challenges and opportunities in the Middleprise. That is, how to address the technical and business challenges building owners, carriers and equipment providers are struggling with – how to make solutions work from a technical and economic point of view. We are all making incremental progress, not fast enough, but I think we are on the verge of real disruption…. just a sense.

SOLiD launched a new head-end chassis element, called the ALLIANCE iBIU which is designed to reduce rack space and ease installation time through integrated optical modules and easier access to connections. Read the press release here or watch the product video. This is the type of advancement many customers are looking for: better value, smaller footprint, and reduced installation costs. We received great feedback on the show floor. You can also watch a video about the ALLIANCE iBIU here.

None of these Middleprise solutions can be accomplished alone. I had a discussion with Ed Myers of Chytec on his observations of the Middleprise and what he is seeing the market. Check it out here.

Great event. See you there next year!