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Caribbean and Latin America SOLiD ALLIANCE-TR Multi-Carrier/ Multi-Band DAS

Efficient, Modular, Powerful.

SOLiD solutions and services are designed to easily expand with a high degree of modularity and with minimal disruptions. Multi-carrier wireless platform allows you the flexibility to add or remove services from cellular wireless providers when or as needed. This helps support incremental additions of capacity and services as transit operations grow, all from convenience of head-end and remote closets. SOLiD’s professional and experienced services ensure optimal design and deployment, giving users a peace-of-mind during network maintenance, monitoring and expert support.

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The BIU is the central point (head end) for all signals delivered over the DAS. Each signal input is independently filtered, attenuated and controlled. It has modular architecture where hot swappable slide-in modules are added for service band expansion. Quad bands can be serviced in a single BIU, maximum Quad-band MIMO can be supported using primary/secondary BIU application.

  • Guaranteed RF power and control for each input
  • Modular and hot swappable
  • Ethernet port for DAS management
  • Discrete RF inputs per carrier per band
  • Simplex or duplex input

The ODU converts RF energy into light energy and transports the optical signals to remotes through fiber optical cable. The 19 inch rack-mountable ODU is generally located with the BIU from which it receives power and RF communications.

  • 1 ODU can drive up to 8 ROUs or 6 ROUs and 2 OEUs
  • 4-port / 1 port optical modules are hot swappable

The OEU is an optical multiplexing device used to efficiently extend the DAS from one building to many other buildings for multi-clustering.

  • Each OEU can support up to 8 ROUs
  • A single sector (1 BIU) can support up to 4 OEUs
  • Each OEU requires only 1 ODU and 1 fiber strand



SOLiD’s DMS 2000 provides an enterprise level interface point between the fiber optic Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and your Network Operation Center (NOC). The DMS gathers vital system information and alarm data from the DAS network and transmits via SNMP to the designated NOC facility for monitoring.
Whether you monitor with your own network computer, or utilize a sophisticated carrier-grade NOC, the DMS is the interface that will perform to the highest of standards in any application.

  • Web-based real-time DAS status
  • Allows on-site or remote command and control
  • Each DMS can manage 20 sectors
  • Alarm notification via SNMP traps
  • Programmable dry contacts
  • Supports multiple NOCs



ALLIANCE-TR LROU is a multi-operator 2W remote consisting of two radio units – Low power Main Remote Unit (LMRU) and Low power Add-on Remote Unit (LARU).
ALLIANCE-TR LROU offers a compact size and low power consumption for saving CAPEX and OPEX by adopting high-efficiency amplifier technology. Multi-band/multi-operator feature enables to provide cost-effective coverage solution without a need of adding multiple independent DAS systems.



The ALLIANCE-TR High-power Remote Optic Unit (HROU) is a multi-operator, 20W remote unit consisting of two radio units – the main unit (HMRU) and add-on unit (HARU). 
The HROU’s compact size, low power consumption, and high-efficiency amplifier technology offers the operator both CAPEX and OPEX savings. The multi-band, multi-operator capability provides a cost-effective coverage solution without the need for adding multiple independent DAS systems. 



The New 2W Remote Optic Unit (N2ROU) delivers +33 dBm output power at the antenna port. The N2ROU is available in two models to satisfy regional band requirements.

The N2ROU can support up to five bands simultaneously. The enclosure incorporates a simplified and compact NEMA 4 design.


  • Guaranteed RF power control 
  • 4G certified, MIMO capable 
  • NEMA 4 certified, UL labeled 
  • Simplified installation, commissioning, management 
  • Wall, indoor or outdoor mounting 
  • Convection cooled 
  • Available in two models to satisfy regional band requirements 


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