SOLiD built a design program to meet the demands of the fast-paced wireless industry.

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Equipped with the latest tools, software, and technology, SOLiD will provide resources needed for any venue, to ensure accuracy in design and deployment in a rapid fashion.

Every quality design begins with a detailed site survey and data collection. With today’s demands being focused on densification, the old standard of providing a coverage based design is no longer applicable. Carrier data must be collected to guarantee dominance on the DAS over the macro networks.

Once the site survey and data collection is complete, SOLiD’s RF Engineers perform a detailed analysis and determine the design requirements. Using the flexible and modular ALLIANCE 5G DAS available in <1W, 2W, 5W, 20W, and 40W remotes, SOLiD will choose the best product per project based on frequency bands and public safety/private radio requirements. The SOLiD product line supports all bands from 150MHz all the way through 4GHz.

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SOLiD uses advanced software tools like iBwave, RANPlan and AutoCAD. Utilizing the latest features from iBwave and with the expectation of designing a “future-proof” system, SOLiD creates 3D models and performs propagation analysis such as SINR, soft handoff, RSRP and throughput to verify accuracy. This process ensures the implementation of the system design will perform to the expectations of all wireless users today and into the future.

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