SOLiD Debuts New In-building Public Safety Digital Repeater to Meet Middleprise Demand

SOLiD RESPONDER™ goes beyond-the-code to provide advanced features in a user friendly yet robust digital repeater
Sunnyvale, CaliforniaSOLiD, the leader in in-building cellular and public safety infrastructure, today introduced SOLiD RESPONDER™, a new in-building public safety digital repeater to meet the public safety demands of the growing middleprise market. SOLiD RESPONDER goes beyond-the-code to provide advanced interference reduction, oscillation avoidance and automated configuration features that deliver a robust, and powerful digital platform.
Authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) are rapidly adopting in-building public safety communication model codes developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Codes Council (ICC) at an accelerated rate. To go beyond meeting those code requirements, SOLiD has enhanced its proven amplifier technology.
According to Chief Alan Perdue (Ret.), executive director of the Safer Buildings Coalition, “AHJ’s are adopting and enforcing the latest in-building codes at an increased rate. Public safety in-building communication solutions in both new and existing buildings is not a one size fits all. Many buildings that impact public safety responder communications can be served by a simple BDA or repeater solution. Safer Buildings encourages OEM’s to provide advanced solutions for building owners to ensure an economical, yet technologically advanced solution to ensure the system will work where and when its needed.”
SOLiD Americas’ Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Youngman Cho adds, “SOLiD has been closely working with in-building public safety decision makers for years. RESPONDER leverages SOLiD’s proven amplifier expertise and applies our latest intellectual properties and technological advancements to meet the current code requirements. RESPONDER also represents SOLiD’s beyond-the-code thinking and provides many industry firsts that will elevate both the importance of first responder communications as well as the increasing role for robust repeater solutions in the market.”
SOLiD RESPONDER has advanced the off-air repeater in three critical areas:

  • Prevents oscillation without decreasing gain to increase coverage and signal quality. SOLiD’s cutting-edge echo cancellation allows for isolation to match system gain. Taking an industry accepted standard of 15-20dB delta to a zero dB solution.
  • Reduction of interference with commercial cellular DAS, an important part of public safety, is becoming ever important. RESPONDER provides unmatched internal filtering to ensure a minimum impact to Commercial DAS operation.
  • Simplifies the installation and maintenance of the public safety repeater by providing self-organizing filter selection with Delay Priority options, automated spectrum analysis and channel selective or band selective power equalization.

The SOLiD RESPONDER will be unveiled at IWCE 2017 in Las Vegas, NV on March 29, 2017, at SOLiD booth 1762.
A SOLiD representative will be a panelist at IWCE on Friday, March 31 in session F11 at 9:45 AM, Room S230, In-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Planning for Public Safety.
For more information on the SOLiD RESPONDER platform and to attend a SOLiD Public Safety webinar on April 20, 2017 visit
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