Welcome to the New SOLiD Website!

Welcome the new SOLiD website!  We are excited to be launching this new portal to SOLiD products, services, training, design and perspectives.  The new site is designed to deliver info faster to you.  We’ve improved our search capabilities and navigation menus. Improved search capabilities will help you when looking for details on our products, training and certification programs, our schedule of events and the breadth of our services.

The new website is very accessible from any device, whether laptop, phone or tablet.  The menu is designed to be readily accessible from any of these devices, and it allows you to quickly get the info you are looking for.

A key new addition to our site is the blog.  We plan to post written and video blogs regularly sharing our perspective on industry trends, products announcements, company news, and a variety of topics.  Not only will readers develop a better understanding of what makes SOLiD unique, but readers will also get to know the people of SOLiD – which is really our special ingredient.  You won’t be reading content created here by the marketing, team, but you’ll read authentic content from SOLiD executives, folks in the field, in the labs, in training, and in R&D.

Enjoy our new website – and be sure to register to receive regular updates on postings.

SOLiD looks forward to satisfying your public cellular and public safety wireless needs, whether they be in a stadium, area, in-building or in transportation environments – keeping you connected and safe.

Let me know what you think, write me at tim.moynihan@solid.com.