How Smart Transit Systems Meet Rising Demands for Mobile Connectivity

Smart Transit Mobile Connectivity

It’s estimated that there are now many more smartphone subscriptions than people in the world, and the rise of mobile communications is not slowing down anytime soon. As more network operators roll out 5G networks, an insatiable demand for streaming video and mobile data is fueling ever faster growth, while creating more network congestion. Yet expectations continue to skyrocket for seamless mobile connectivity anytime, anywhere.

The delivery of pervasive cellular communications is particularly challenging in high-capacity environments like subways, train stations, and airports. These hard-to-serve areas have stringent environmental, space, and reliability requirements that are further compounded by the need for scalability to serve dense crowds of commuters during peak travel times.

No matter which mobile network carrier they subscribe to for service, today’s transit passengers expect to stay connected with business associates, friends, family, and streaming media, as they attempt to get on-the-go updates. Even more importantly, transit staff and public safety personnel also rely on wireless networks to do their jobs and maintain a safe environment, whether in a crowded train or airline terminal, or throughout a subterranean subway.

This driving need for a seamless mobile experience is why many of the world’s busiest airports and subways rely on SOLiD distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions for smart transit connectivity.

Always-On, Everywhere

When transit passengers amass in a crowded terminal or underground subway, cellular signals become blocked and local wireless networks are easily overloaded by data and voice calls. These capacity constraints and poor connectivity lead to degraded quality of service, missed calls, dropped connections… and disgruntled passengers.

With SOLiD’s modular in-building DAS equipment in place, subscribers’ phones automatically search for the mobile signals emitted by the DAS, achieving fast, dependable, and continuous connectivity just as if they were outdoors. In fact, we support uninterrupted mobile connectivity for some of the world’s largest transit systems, including New York City’s MTA subway, the London Underground, and many major U.S. airports.

Because every leg of a subway and wing of an airport terminal or train depot is different, SOLiD customizes solutions to suit each deployment. From narrow underground tunnels to expansive passenger terminals with high ceilings and other wide-open areas, our flexible modular platform provides broad coverage and high capacity in a small footprint that scales easily. Plus a wide range of technologies are supported, including 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and Private Cellular Networks leveraging the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

Our innovative DAS and Optical Network solutions are designed to cost-efficiently address the dynamic demands for voice, data, and public safety communications in high-traffic venues while optimizing resources. For example, SOLiD’s neutral-host DAS supports multi-operator commercial cellular and public safety services on a single modular platform requiring just one strand of fiber.

Smart Transit Gets Real

Transportation needs are continually evolving. As transit authorities embrace technology to enhance the smart transit experience, they need to stay informed about evolving communications solutions as well. To help them prepare for next-generation mobile connectivity, SOLiD is showcasing 5G for transportation systems at the 2022 Smart Transit East congress, March 15-17 in Boston. Leading a panel of experts from Boingo Wireless and C Squared Systems, we will engage in an informative workshop to discuss real-world opportunities and best practices for transportation authorities to enable 5G communications — above ground, underground, within all stations, and across all platforms.

Whether it’s streaming a movie or webinar in the terminal, or a quick text on the subway platform, commuters everywhere expect seamless, high-capacity mobile service as an integral part of their daily lives. Are you ready to meet the need for always-on connectivity? To learn more, join us at Smart Transit East or visit