Ensuring your wireless system is properly maintained and performs at its very best.

The installation and commissioning of your DAS systems is just part of the job. Ensuring the continuing operation and health of your investment is imperative. Utilizing the SOLiD DAS Management System (DMS), SOLiD’s Network Operations Center (NOC) can maintain your system with a variety of monitoring and support services.

SOLiD - Montioring & Maintenance

Our support packages include monitoring, remote problem correction, replacements parts, on-site repairs and other important features. Based upon the support package selected by the customer, response and spare parts delivery can be tailored to match the critical level the wireless system supports to the most effective cost.
Most importantly, SOLiD’s NOC services ensure wireless experts can monitor the system 24/7, 365. Our programs ensure your wireless system is up-to-date, maintained in the best possible condition, and that any problem is quickly found and resolved.
Let us show you how SOLiD can make the ownership and operation of your wireless system simple and cost-effective.

DAS Management System

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