SOLiD Enhances ALLIANCE DAS Platform to Conserve Rack Space

New iBIU design reduces footprint, integrates optical modules driving down overall cost of DAS network
Plano, Texas – SOLiD, the leader in cellular in-building and public safety infrastructure, today announced the new integrated ALLIANCE iBIU (Integrated BTS Interface Unit), the newest head end chassis addition to SOLiD’s ALLIANCE product portfolio. The ALLIANCE iBIU makes more efficient use of rack space and reduces the total cost of ownership.
The ALLIANCE iBIU takes the advancements of SOLiD’s ALLIANCE eBIU one step further by integrating the optical distribution unit directly into the same chassis, saving valuable rack space. With a fully integrated head-end, the ALLIANCE iBIU supports deployments requiring more than 16 services per sector by supporting a secondary iBIU configured as a slave unit that interfaces directly with the primary iBIU. This is valuable when there are more than 4 band cards required to provide all the services on a single sector.
The ALLIANCE iBIU has been redesigned to take up less space in the head-end by inserting optical modules into the iBIU subrack, saving valuable rack space and reducing the total cost of ownership. The streamlined design allows for maximum flexibility with expanded power input handling.
The ALLIANCE iBIU can be configured with any combination of point-of-interface (POI) modules: high power (20W), low power (100mW), or a hybrid (high and lower power). It is also compatible with all current ALLIANCE DAS REL6 remote units including low (1W, 2W) medium (5W) and high power (20W) units, allowing for simple firmware upgrades, cost efficiency and flexibility.
“We have engineered the iBIU with our customers and the ever-evolving DAS market in mind. The iBIU has been designed to reduce overall costs for in-building networks and free up rack space by adding optical modules directly into the chassis, giving users the same capacity as the optical distribution unit that was once a separate box before. What would once take 4RU plus space and then one additional rack unit, totaling six rack units, is now all contained in four rack units resulting in a 33% reduction in footprint. With this innovation, SOLiD is raising the bar with the least amount of head end space requirement in the industry,” said Mike Williamson, Senior Director, Global Product Management.
The iBIU also offers the additional benefits:

  1. Automatic Level Check (ALC) uplink and downlink for each service
  2. Acceptance of simplex or duplex feeds from carrier equipment
  3. Integrated AC or DC power supply unit
  4. Reduced footprint – 16 services in 4RU including up to 8 optical ports

Ken Sandfeld, President of SOLiD Americas adds, “The iBIU solution shows our continued commitment to the ALLIANCE platform for the long term as we launch additional platforms in 2018. We are excited to help our customers continue to enhance new and existing ALLIANCE DAS systems and designs.”
Visit SOLiD at the Connectivity Expo May 21-24, Charlotte, North Carolina, Booth #115/117 to speak with a SOLiD representative about the new iBIU.
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Tim Moynihan, SVP, Marketing