What is DAS And What Does it Mean For the Middleprise?

Middleprise DAS

When it comes to running your business, you demand only the best services and technologies for your customers, employees, and partners. That includes the availability of seamless communications services throughout your building or campus. With today’s busy lifestyle, constant connectivity is an absolute necessity, otherwise business simply doesn’t work.

However, neighboring buildings and other obstacles can restrict cellular radio frequency (RF) signals from reaching your buildings. Plus, modern building materials are more dense and energy-efficient than in the past, including increased use of LEED certified materials and reflective surfaces such as ‘Low-E’ glass, restricting outside mobile communications signals. Compounding this issue is the fact that walls, furniture, and cubicles tend to block or diminish the RF signals that do penetrate your building. All of these factors degrade the mobile device connectivity inside your building, resulting in weak signals or frequent dropped calls indoors.

Stuck in the Middle

Businesses of all kinds are facing many economic and logistical challenges these days, draining budgets and squeezing profits. If you operate a middleprise business, such as healthcare, hospitality, higher education, or commercial real estate, the pressure is only intensifying as we navigate a ‘new normal’ sparked by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile voice and data communications are increasingly essential to your employees, building tenants, and visitors. When you factor in the needs of public safety professionals, reliable 24×7 connectivity can become a matter of life and death. Yet, despite your need for reliable mobile connectivity, the major telecom service providers only provide in-building infrastructure to cover very large venues exceeding 500,000 square feet of space.

Keeping up with communications technologies can be confusing, as the state-of-the-art continues to change rapidly. For example, growing adoption of 5G is driving more demand for data on the go, as well as the introduction of new RF spectrum, such as CBRS and C-Band, to enable more network capacity. Likewise, increasing reliance on the internet of things (IoT) and ‘smart’ building technologies means that the number of devices continuously connected to the mobile network is skyrocketing with no end in sight.

Luckily, there is a simple, affordable way to ensure seamless, in-building mobile connectivity that is ideal for the middleprise, allowing you to take charge of your company’s future.

A Future-Ready Investment

With the installation of a distributed antenna systems (DAS) in your building, you can enable dedicated, reliable, in-building coverage for 4G/ 5G cellular connectivity and emergency communications, all supported by the same platform. The SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G DAS offers unprecedented mobile communications from the rooftop to the basement — and on every floor, in every room, and around every corner — to improve productivity, ensure customer satisfaction, and increase property values.

The patented SOLiD ALLIANCE fiber-to-the-edge DAS system is an easy-to-install, in-building, multi-operator solution that delivers reliable cellular coverage throughout any building, campus, or venue. The ALLIANCE 5G DAS platform efficiently pushes more power through the in-building cellular network to blanket a larger coverage area with stronger signals and fewer antennas. As a result, employees, building tenants, and visitors will experience unmatched signal strength, faster data speeds, and best-in-class communications.

With our FIBER2ANTENNA edge technology, you can benefit from improved speed and capacity, as well as increased deployment flexibility, security, and efficiency. Yet the ALLIANCE DAS platform is low cost and easy to install, with an inconspicuous, low-profile design that mounts on the wall or ceiling. Plus with a scalable platform, you can benefit from expanded capacity as needed. The ALLIANCE edgeROU solution supports up to eight bands over a single fiber strand, and works with every frequency band used for cellular communications, two-way radio, paging, and public safety.

By investing in ALLIANCE 5G DAS equipment, you can ensure seamless in-building connectivity with faster speeds, higher bandwidth, and lower latency. Plus, our modular platform allows you to optimize your investment by deploying what you need today, and expanding in the future as needed. This unique future-ready design also protects your investment from technological changes, like the migration to 5G, by enabling incremental upgrades to avoid expensive rip and replace scenarios.

Secure Return on Investment

Poor connectivity is no longer acceptable for today’s business. Secure your business future with unmatched bandwidth and coverage for the middleprise, while benefiting from reduced complexity, scalability for the future, and cost-efficient deployment and management. To learn more, visit: https://solid.com/us/industries/in-building-cellular-coverage-for-the-middleprise.