SOLiD Launches New edgeROU™ to Improve In-Building Mobile Service

SOLiD’s new eROU addresses coverage gaps in the enterprise market with 15-25% more coverage per antenna point —

—SOLiD’s new onlineInteractive Cellular Guide helps building owners & managers improve customer experience


PLANO, Texas — May 19, 2020SOLiD, the leader in cellular in-building mobile coverage, today announced commercial availability of the edgeROU – a fiber-to-the-edge remote unit for the ALLIANCE™DAS product family.SOLiD designed edgeROU specifically to resolve the challenges experienced by mobile users within a building. As building owners strive to improve user experience and increase profitability, edgeROU, based on proven ALLIANCE technology, delivers the seamless, always-on-everywhere service customers expect.

Like Wi-Fi, SOLiD’s edgeROU is easy to install using the same labor skills available from the low-voltage installers that already work in your building. The edgeROU is aesthetically pleasing and, when installed on a ceiling, has a slim 1.5” profile. The edgeROU has the highest output power per band of any DAS remote in its class. Like all ALLIANCE DAS, edgeROU provides excellent upgrade potential – an economical deployment including four bands on day one may expand to include two or four additional bands to address future demand.

“SOLiD created an Interactive Cellular Guide to help building owners find out what stands in the way of offering a completely functional in-building mobile user experience,” said Ken Sandfeld, President of SOLiD Americas. “The interactive tool asks ten questions and delivers a report in minutes. We’d like to start a conversation that will give you a roadmap to providing an excellent in-building mobile experience.”

The edgeROUis a game-changer for enterprise buildings. New technologies like 5G and IoT are demanding higher and more reliable bandwidth, and users are demanding better service. SOLiD has more than 20 years of experience and the knowledge and resources to guide building owners safely through evaluation, budgetary estimates, and implementation using SOLiD Certified Installer partners. Invest a few minutes in SOLiD’s Interactive Cellular Guide and take the first step toward offering users a premier in-building mobile experience.


About SOLiD

SOLID enables indoor and outdoor cellular and public-safety communications at many of the world’s best-known and most challenging venues. From the busiest airports and subways to Fortune 500 corporate buildings, hospitals, hotels, and universities; professional and college sports venues; and government, industrial and logistics facilities; SOLiD’s modular solutions scale to every challenge. SOLiD continuously innovates to deliver best-in-class solutions with ALLIANCE 5G DAS, RocketWAVE mmWave repeaters, Infinity Access optical fronthaul and backhaul, and SURF Open RAN (O-RAN) networks. Edge Connectivity. SOLiD Coverage. or call 1-(888) 409-9997.


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