How is your cellular service affecting your guest experience?

Premier customer experience is essential for success in the competitive hospitality space, and seamless mobile connectivity is an important key to satisfaction. Shoppers, hotel guests, and event attendees all need to connect at the same time.

This is good news if connectivity is fast and reliable. But all too often, a large influx of users demands more than the available bandwidth and service degrades. With the immediacy of social media sharing, a poor connectivity experience can easily damage your reputation, …and your profits.

You made a significant investment in your omni-channel visitor experience. Protect that investment with always-on, on-demand mobile connectivity. Whether it’s a quiet leisure weekend or a fully-booked week of business events, SOLiD’s in-building mobile coverage creates an always-on experience that builds loyalty and keeps customers happy.

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SOLiD Solution Benefits


SOLiD’s edgeROU looks like a Wi-Fi access point, and it is the smallest, most powerful active DAS remote available.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

SOLiD’s fiber-to-the-edge technology requires minimal capital investment and scales with your needs.

On-Demand Capacity

Network demands during a quiet weekend can vary greatly from those of a week-long business conference. SOLiD trained and certified engineers design DAS systems to provide the needed capacity


A business traveler arrives on Saturday to prepare for meetings in the coming week, accessing Wi-Fi and cellular networks effortlessly in the room, the business center, and the café. On Sunday night, conference attendees fill the hotel. Hotel staff members use the networks to provide fast, efficient service to guests. Guests contact their families, send emails, and access entertainment applications. Monday morning, conference attendees from surrounding hotels arrive for the conference. Will the networks hold up under this peak bandwidth demand?

From light weekend traffic to an event with thousands of attendees, the SOLiD solution scales to serve up seamless connectivity.

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