Are You Maximizing In-Building DAS Performance?

DAS Performance

As 5G technology becomes more pervasive worldwide, consumers and business professionals alike expect mobile service with faster speeds, better coverage, and higher quality — anytime and anywhere — including in your building or event venue. By installing the latest distributed antenna system (DAS) technology, you can help ensure that your tenants, visitors, and employees continue to enjoy seamless in-building connectivity. Yet, how do you ensure you get the most benefit out of your DAS equipment?

Evolution to 5G promises more capacity and data speed, but to deliver on that promise, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has introduced an array of new frequency bands with varying propagation characteristics. Additionally, next-generation mobile technology enables new features and capabilities, such as ultra-reliable low-latency networks, which require substantial changes in network architecture. All of this means that 5G brings increasing complexity to today’s networks.

So how can you and your network manager make sense of it all to realize the maximum return on your DAS investment?

Call on SOLiD Support

At SOLiD, we offer a suite of support services tailored to each customer’s needs, ranging from help desk telephone support to remote monitoring and maintenance packages. Our experienced DAS experts take the time to fully understand your technical challenges in order to resolve any technical issues as quickly as possible.

The SOLiD commitment to customer service begins with our ‘ACT’ process, during which we Assemble, Configure, and Test the DAS equipment before shipping. This quality control practice significantly reduces the chance of out-of-box failures (historically less than 1%) that could impact deployment timelines and costs.

Our support services team comprises senior-level engineers with more than 15 years of work experience in DAS technology and the RF industry. Plus, the SOLiD support team is directly linked to our R&D department through a streamlined communications channel. This not only ensures that customer requests can be promptly reviewed and resolved but also provides accurate feedback for continuous product improvement.

With our remote support service, SOLiD engineers can help you resolve RF issues, such as unexpected noise or low power. Likewise, our support team can conduct a remote session through Microsoft Teams viewer, Ultraviewer, or AnyDesk to address firmware and DMS issues.

Help Us to Help You

We know your time is valuable, so we want to share a few tips to maximize your interaction with technical support:

  • Share as many details as possible about the technical problems you are experiencing. This allows our support engineers to better understand the issues for a successful conclusion.
  • When possible, provide prior notification of your need for remote support on critical issues. By allowing us a little extra time to prepare, our DAS experts can deliver more accurate support in a timely manner.
  • If you need remote support, be sure to have information on hand about your system, such as the model number and firmware version.
  • Instead of contacting your SOLiD salesperson, the fastest way to get help is to reach our support team directly. You can either call (888) 409-9997 and select option 2 or e-mail to create an automatic support ticket via the ticketing system.

No matter the size and configuration of your DAS deployment, the SOLiD team aims to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment with fast delivery, peak performance, and a suite of support programs to exceed your expectations. To learn more, visit: