DAS Training & Certification Courses

SOLiD is committed to educating the industry with the greatest clarity and simplicity.

As an OEM, we want to ensure that every aspect of SOLiD’s product and system is understood clearly by the people operating it. Our training content and methodologies are unique and go beyond what traditional programs offer.

SOLiD’s training programs are for anyone who sells, supports or designs in-building wireless systems using Distributed Antenna System (DAS) products from SOLiD. Our training team consists of some of the most experienced wireless experts in the industry. They share their knowledge through numerous training pathways and varying levels of complexity – all custom-tailored to your specific requirements.

SOLiD University Training Preview



An online, self-paced course that combines all the theory and practical knowledge of the SOLiD product in easy to digest videos and segments augmented by knowledge checks.


The course teaches basic RF theory, an introduction to the SOLiD platform and architecture, configuration schemes, SOLiD and public safety, carrier integration methodologies, troubleshooting, and DAS monitoring topics. The online training uses the same curriculum as the in-person, instructor-led class, which is, temporarily, not available at this time.


Aside from all the knowledge and training provided online via pre-recorded video content and interactive sessions, there will be a formal written test and virtual practical exercises at the end of the class. Successful candidates will receive their certificates within a week of the course.


The course is available for self-enrollment on SOLiD University, our e-learning platform.  Anyone with a SOLiD U login can enroll and take this course (talk to your SOLiD sales representative if you need help with registration or an account set up with SOLiD U).


SOLiD Online University

SOLiD University is a unique online platform that combines ease of access with a self-paced curriculum – making it easier for you to schedule comprehensive technical and product training with your other professional obligations. Courses can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Upon successful completion of the course(s), students are awarded certificates of completion.

SOLiD University Online

SOLiD experts can also provide in-person advanced product and technical training for you or your customers. Our curriculum has a comprehensive selection of topics that provide a high-level, in-depth education on today’s most advanced wireless solutions. Our regional teams can schedule a session for you and/or your team at your convenience at your facility, and can customize the training to your specific needs.

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Do you want to know how to commission a SOLiD system, understand the math and signal flow in a DAS, or do you need to quickly get up to speed as you will be deploying/managing a SOLiD system in the near future? The SOLiD Certification Program is exactly what you need!
Combining the theory, practice and the math behind the SOLiD DAS, the course will demystify key concepts when talking about RF Amplification and DAS (e.g. uplink noise, PIM, LTE, etc.). The class is a 3-day interactive and fun-filled session where you will learn a lot and also have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers from the industry.
Candidates attending the class are asked to have a basic understanding of Radio Frequency (RF) and eager to learn. In addition, candidates will need to pass a multiple choice written test (individual activity) and a hands-on test (group activity) at the end of the 3-day course in order to be successfully certified. All candidates are also expected to complete the pre-requisites assigned via their SOLiD University account before attending the class. Individual certification statuses are pro-actively shared with the WSPs or upon request.
Classes are held regularly at our HQ in Sunnyvale, CA and in regional locations as needed.
To register for certification, please sign up online via your SOLiD University account or request access to SOLiD University at training@solid.com.  You may also contact your sales representative for additional information.

A 3-day classroom session that combines both the theory and practical knowledge of the SOLiD product and required commissioning and troubleshooting procedures.

Classes are typically held at regional locations including our HQ in Plano, TX. They are scheduled based on demand, so please check with your rep on specific dates and locations.

Any individual in the DAS industry who is, or is expected to play a technical role working with SOLiD products (e.g. individuals working for WSPs, DAS integrators, tower companies, third party operators, distributors, etc.)

As a regional division of SOLiD, our capability to grow and serve customers, and attain a deeper market penetration, has been greatly enhanced. Among the benefits of being part of a larger global manufacturer is that we can offer a broader product line and more competitive value proposition, expand our service and support capabilities, and explore more opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination. There is also the opportunity for a faster response in addressing both near-term and longer-term market requirements and challenges.
The acquisition bolsters the core capabilities of SOLiD for DAS and optical fronthaul/backhaul. Customers and partner will have access to the top-notch engineering department at SOLiD in Korea and can tap into its battle-tested international expertise in leading-edge densifications tools such as C-RAN and Optical LAN.
SOLiD’s toolbox just instantly expanded, and the North American team can now better meet the challenges of solving the evolving wireless densification market challenges.

The intent of the SOLiD Certification program is to have a student be entirely familiar with the SOLiD platform and upon successful completion of the course, have the ability to completely own a SOLiD DAS (install/commission/troubleshoot/maintain).

Aside from the all the knowledge and training provided in class, there will be a formal written test and hands on exercises at the end of the 3-day class which you will be evaluated on. Successful candidates will receive their certificates within 2 weeks of class.

All registrations can be done autonomously online via your SOLiD University account (talk to your sales rep if you don’t have one). Any pre-requisites that need to be completed before you come to class will also be shown when registering online. For more questions, contact training@solid.com.