Optical Transport Solutions

The efficient use of fiber optic assets is the foundation of a 5G world. The data transmission capacity demanded by 5G networks increases as new bands and larger channel bandwidths enable massive wireless data.  Providing the necessary bandwidth to the edge cannot happen without fiber-optic infrastructure.

SOLiD ONE FIBER solutions’ compact design, which complies with NEBS and ETSI, ensures that legacy and new optical transport networks operate at 100% capacity and deliver their full bandwidth potential.

INFINITY ACCESS™ Tunable Optical Access Platform

INFINITY ACCESS™ unlocks network capacity within an existing fiber plant to achieve economies of scale, reducing CAPEX and OPEX by creating simple and efficient optical access networks.

Using patented INFINITY TUNABLE LASER™ with wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), INFINITY ACCESS™ consists of the active IA-3200N and passive multiplexers. At the Central Office (CO), IA-3200N converts wavelengths into a C band DWDM grid per ITU-T G.694.1, while the passive multiplexers, located at the CO and Remote Node (RN) locations, combine and separate the wavelengths for transport over one fiber.

INFINITY ACCESS™ offers a fully active solution by adding a compact cell-site-based transponder system for supporting legacy tower installed RUs.

Each independent channel carries various Gigabit Ethernet and CPRI up to 25Gbps, making INFINITY ACCESS™ a perfect solution for current and future mobile and enterprise access infrastructure.

INFINITY ACCESS™ supports multiple topologies, including point-to-point, linear chain, and ring.

Key Features
  • Cost-effective optical WDM access platform converges wireline and mobile networks
  • Patented INFINITY TUNABE LASERTM simplifies WDM logistics and reduces inventory management costs
  • Fully symmetric and dedicated connections without traffic sharing and complex bandwidth control
  • Installation and commissioning gets much simpler and faster thanks to self-tuning INFINITY optics
  • Support up to 64 wavelengths carrying various protocols of CPRI, eCPRI, and 10GbE
  • WDM-PON offers ultra-low latency of 0.4µsec
  • Service traffic distance up to 20Km without amplifier with 10Gbps data rate
  • Support multiple network topologies such as PTP(MP), linear and protected ring

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iMUX / iMUX+ passive WDM solutions provide simple, integrated, and future-proof optical access networks to keep ahead of the competition.

SOLiD patented self-tuning transceivers along with optimally designed MUX/DEMUX and coordinated filters offer the cost-effective DWDM solution for optical access when operators suffer from fiber shortages. It supports point-to-multipoint and linear network topologies.

iMUX+ provides semi-passive options to protect the WDM line in a point-to-point topology. In addition, an AI-enabled proactive maintenance module will send an alarm before a transceiver fails.

Key Features
  • Eight tunable transceivers simplify WDM logistics and reduce inventory management costs
  • Installation and commissioning gets much simpler and faster thanks to self-tuning OPTIMUM optics
  • Possible to performance monitoring of remote transceiver thru out of band channel
  • Support WDM line protection and AI-enabled proactive maintenance by optional active electronics in head-end
  • Support up to 96 wavelengths over a single strand carrying various protocols of CPRI, eCPRI, and 10GbE
  • Compact and robust MUX/DEMUX and filters in LGX form factor
  • Service traffic distance up to 20Km without amplifiers with 10Gbps data rate
  • Support multiple network topologies such as PTP(MP) and linear

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