It’s Game Day.  Can your wireless network meet the demand for capacity and coverage?

Sports fans expect high-capacity wireless service as an integral part of the game-day experience. Staff, media, and public safety personnel also rely upon wireless networks to do their jobs and maintain a safe environment. On game-day, everyone expects a memorable experience, of which wireless now plays a significant part.

But stadiums, arenas, and entertainment venues are uniquely challenging environments where wireless networks are temporarily inundated by massive data traffic surges during the event that tax throughput capacity. Adding to the challenge is the growing need to enable 5G cellular, Private Networks, Wi-Fi, and public-safety communications.

SOLiD Interactive Cellular Guide

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SOLiD Solution Benefits

Always-On, Everywhere Service

SOLiD solutions create a seamless experience for fans and staff.  Whether participating in interactive entertainment, sharing experiences, or calling home, robust and reliable communication is essential.


SOLiD’s edgeROU looks like a Wi-Fi access point, and it is the smallest, most powerful active DAS remote available.

Custom solutions

Each building is different, so your solution is engineered to suit your building. 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), and Private Cellular Networks leveraging the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) are all part of the SOLiD solution.


You’re showing a high-dollar office space to a client, and they love it. They pull out their phone to FaceTime a colleague, discussing the layout of the space. The call completes flawlessly, even in the shell-space.

The SOLiD DAS solution means that cellular signals are available on every floor in every office, always. Whether it’s a voice call or a high-bandwidth video download, it happens. Fast, clean, and easy.

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Alliance Remote Optic Units (ROUs) lead the industry in DAS remote flexibility. Our ROUs are fed with a single fiber, optical interface.

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With the modular PS2ROU, you will keep customers and first responders safe by providing seamless wireless connectivity for essential communication.

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