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How is your cellular service affecting your education experience?

Students, faculty, and staff on college and university campuses expect seamless mobile connectivity. Students want reliable service in the dorm, the classroom, and when moving around campus. Faculty and staff need coverage to provide essential services. Ubiquitous connectivity is key to productivity, security, and peace of mind.

Yet creating a seamless experience is challenging. Campus buildings vary in age, architecture, and building materials, all of which can interfere with cellular signals. Wi-Fi slows down with traffic surges during large events and does not provide seamless mobile coverage. User experience can suffer, causing frustration and a poor impression of the campus.

SOLiD’s in-building mobile solutions solve the most difficult campus connectivity issues. 5G-ready, scalable and modular, SOLiD solutions provide consistent coverage during the largest on-campus events, with plenty of bandwidth available for students, faculty, and staff.

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SOLiD Solution Benefits

An Always-Connected Student Experience

Students research, create, and connect anywhere, anytime.


Reliable cellular network coverage provides students, faculty, and staff a lifeline to first responders during emergencies.


When remodeling occurs or a building’s purpose changes, the SOLiD solution’s modular and upgradeable architecture costs little to reconfigure, with no need to rip-and-replace.


During an event, thousands of people arrive on campus. Classes are in session, and the security office is carefully monitoring visitors and parking. A student in her dorm takes an online course via video. Each person in every location connecting for safety, learning, or social connection experiences the same reliable connection.

The SOLiD solution scales for the event attendees, serves up bandwidth for the student, and enables the security office to keep the campus safe.

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