Healthcare facilities include building materials that support your mission while limiting cellular coverage from the outside? For example, lead-lined walls in radiological departments, stainless steel surfaces in operating rooms and large diagnostic equipment throughout the facility block signals from the outdoor network and limit coverage inside the building. Caregivers and patients depend on mobile communications for business, safety and peace of mind. In healthcare, communication is mission-critical everywhere in the facility.

SOLiD For Healthcare

Higher Education

Personal cell phones are the first line of defense in an emergency. Unfortunately, many building materials block signals from the outdoor network. And because a university campus is composed of many buildings with distinct purposes, such as lecture halls, dormitories, administrative buildings and sports venues, there is a wide-range of architectures, construction materials and building sizes that require specific solutions. Additionally, outdoor areas may not have adequate coverage due to the shadowing effect of adjacent campus buildings. 

SOLiD For Higher Education

Commercial Properties

80 percent of commercial real estate properties have poor or even no cellular coverage? Energy-efficient construction standards such as Low-E glass block wireless coverage from the outside. Interference on higher floors degrades cellular performance even if the phone shows a strong signal. One of the best ways to improve the tenant experience, and thereby increase the value of your property, is to provide reliable cellular coverage.

SOLiD For Commercial Properties


Building materials are used to achieve energy efficiency, sound-proofing and aesthetic appeal also block cellular signals from the outside. During meetings, conventions and trade shows, large numbers of people create acute capacity demands that are not met by Wi-Fi alone or by weak signals from the outdoor cellular network. Hotels, convention halls and leisure spaces have coverage and capacity challenges. Guests expect reliable cellular communications, and business operations depend upon mission-critical communications everywhere, all the time.

SOLiD For Hospitality


Airports, subways, ports and tunnels all require unique communications solutions? Challenging radio environments and dense user populations place enormous capacity demands on cellular networks. Solutions customized for these types of venues are necessary to provide full coverage, and capacity must scale to meet highly dynamic traffic flows. Public cellular, Wi-Fi and private cellular networks can all work together to meet these extreme challenges.

SOLiD For Transportation

Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums and arenas have unique capacity-driven requirements. Large numbers of fans and operations staff create a demand for cellular signals that cannot be met by the outdoor network. Dedicated infrastructure, scaled to fit extremely high-capacity demand, is an absolute necessity. Fans depend upon their mobile devices to integrate themselves into the experience. Operations staff must have dedicated mission-critical communications. Public cellular, Wi-Fi and private cellular networks can all work together to meet these extreme challenges.

SOLiD For Stadiums & Arenas