We’re investing in tomorrow, today and every day.

Why? Because we care, and because it’s smart business.

As a company with a long and decorated history of engineering excellence, efficiency is naturally built into everything we do.

“In many ways we find sustainability itself is rooted in efficiency.”

Forward thinking may be our most vital sustainability feature.

Because the industry we serve evolves so rapidly, it often leads to careless obsolescence, a “rip and replace” mentality, and a massive waste of materials.

“We believe real, physical modularity is the ultimate sustainability feature.”

Our modular approach

means components can be upgraded quickly and efficiently, updating only necessary components to continually meet and exceed industry demands.

Want Proof? Meet edgeROU

Meaningful, measurable results without compromise.


The edgeROU is the smallest, lightest remote in its class


The edgeROU consumes one-third the energy of competitive products in its class


Despite its small stature and efficiency, edgeROU offers more bandwidth and higher RF output

How a More Sustainable DAS Speeds the Race to Net-Zero

At SOLiD, this emphasis on sustainability is nothing new. In fact, we have a history of offering reliable, sustainable solutions that contribute to a greener planet in several ways.

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Product Brochure: SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G DAS

Modular and scalable distributed antenna system with power classes including sub-1W, 2W, 5W, 20W, and 40W, all driven by the same headend over a single fiber strand.

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