How Mobile Network Connectivity Increases CRE Valuations

Whether your building tenants are coffee shops and condos, or enterprise offices and event spaces, in-building connectivity is essential to attracting and retaining commercial real estate (CRE) tenants in today’s hyper-connected world. In fact, tenants rate communication as the top priority in a workspace, and are often likely to pay more in rent if it means access to better in-building connectivity.

This need is only intensifying as demand rises for in-building 5G service that delivers higher performance, lower latency, and greater bandwidth. Yet, more than 60 percent of CRE owners and building managers report that their current in-building wireless networks cannot keep up with the rate of enterprise digital transformation.

Moreover, real estate investment experts predict that at least 10 percent of the office real estate stock will require an upgrade or redesign this year. That means that landlords will need to do a better job of delivering the connectivity that tenants demand in the remaining office, retail, and event spaces.

Building CRE Value

Legacy cellular service is typically unreliable inside most modern buildings. Network congestion, energy-efficient LEED building materials, and nearby obstructions that block signals all contribute to spotty in-building coverage and dropped calls. As a result, nearly three quarters of office workers report a poor connectivity experience.

With growing adoption of 5G technology, next-generation networks are now using new radio frequencies that are even less capable of penetrating buildings, compounding the problem. This issue is particularly challenging for Millennials — the first digital-native generation that now makes up more of the workforce than any other generation. Mobile technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops have revolutionized the way that Millennials connect and interact, with nearly half saying they “couldn’t live without” their smartphone.

One of the best ways to improve the tenant experience and increase the value of your property is to provide reliable cellular coverage. But in-building connectivity does more than satisfy the demands of tenants’ employees and customers. Investing in wireless communications equipment also provides a technology evolution path to create a more efficient, “smarter” building. For example, with the latest in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS), savvy CRE managers can use 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) to automatically control building systems such as security cameras, lighting, and “smart” thermostats.

Are You 5G Ready?

To ensure that your in-building DAS equipment is ready to fully support 5G, you may need to update or replace legacy systems that do not work with new radio frequency (RF) spectrum allocations, such as C-Band and other mid-band frequencies. The SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G DAS solution is modular and scalable for simple upgrades, and supports the 5G frequencies that the major mobile service providers use in their public networks. That means that the ALLIANCE is ready to deliver fast, seamless, high-performance coverage across the entirety of new 5G bands for enhanced, always-on mobile broadband.

The modular SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G DAS solution offers maximum design flexibility for easy upgrades and long-term value. Providing high-quality, in-building connectivity with the SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G DAS creates a positive tenant experience that makes it easier to lease office or retail space, keeps tenants satisfied and loyal, maintains higher occupancy rates, and increases leasing rates.

However, each indoor environment is different, so SOLiD’s Premier Partners engineer your solution to suit your building, providing optimal design and deployment, as well as peace-of-mind network maintenance, monitoring, and expert support to deliver an excellent tenant experience. And because the scalable SOLiD solution grows with you, you can maximize the value of your property at a lower cost per square foot than other technologies.

Amplify Return on Investment

The evolution to new 5G features and capabilities enables significant improvements in network service quality, resilience, and performance. With an investment in the ALLIANCE 5G DAS, CRE professionals can enjoy higher occupancy rates, premium prices, and increased profitability by providing multi-operator 5G service throughout any commercial building or event space.

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