How to Maximize In-Building 5G Coverage and Capacity

Tomorrow’s business will run on 5G networks, with new opportunities enabled by private enterprise networks, IoT connectivity, and faster mobile data speeds.  An estimated 725 million 5G devices will be sold worldwide this year.  As communications service providers (CSPs) increase the rollout of 5G services, seamless coverage everywhere is an absolute necessity, including indoors.  Unfortunately, modern building materials block or degrade cellular signals, particularly at higher frequencies.  When your building’s tenants or employees frequently experience weak signals or dropped calls, the results are detrimental to your business.

The key to a seamless 5G experience throughout your building is to maximize network capacity and coverage.  And one of the most efficient and effective ways to accomplish that is with an indoor distributed antenna system (DAS) that enables carrier aggregation.  The process of carrier aggregation (CA) combines multiple frequency blocks (called component carriers) to support wider transmission bandwidths, increasing the peak data rate per user, maximizing spectrum efficiency, and boosting the overall network capacity and throughput.

Aggregating component carriers means that 5G devices use multiple frequency bands.  Essentially, CA technology is like having a wider pipe to accommodate more traffic flowing through it.  As a result, mobile network subscribers working or living in the building enjoy faster download and upload speeds, less video buffering, and fewer dropped calls.

Carrier Aggregation

Optimize 5G Carrier Aggregation

While 4G/ LTE networks support CA, 5G provides even more bandwidth per user.  5G CA supports even more component carriers, plus dual connectivity that allows user devices to transmit and receive data across multiple frequency bands simultaneously.  However, not all in-building wireless solutions provide the bandwidth to take advantage of the latest 5G advancements.

As the leader in multi-carrier DAS solutions, SOLiD offers the broadest available support for carrier aggregation, aggregating more bandwidth across more frequency bands in a more versatile solution.  The SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G DAS platform offers the capability to aggregate across up to eight bands over a single fiber, supporting the 5G frequency bands currently used by the top CSPs in the U.S. — even when each CSP aggregates spectrum from a different combination of bands.

Pay-As-You-Grow Capacity

Unlike bandwidth-constrained competitive infrastructure, the scalable SOLiD ALLIANCE solution offers the flexibility of a pay-as-you-grow solution.  Fiber2Coax modular solutions scale from one to seven bands, and Fiber2Antenna solutions expand from four to eight cellular frequency bands with an easy-to-install add-on remote unit.  These flexible solutions use a universal head-end and may be deployed in a mixed-use fashion to match the unique features of your building.   SOLiD ALLIANCE scalability protects your investment, allowing support for new bands as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) releases new 5G spectrum allocations up to 4 GHz.

SOLiD enables maximum 5G carrier aggregation to deliver more bandwidth and throughput with familiar DAS in-building wireless infrastructure, delivering the best mobile user experience.  SOLiD achieves this because the ALLIANCE 5G DAS solution inherently supports multiple operators in multiple bands and delivers the full bandwidth in every cellular band.

Highest Bandwidth at the Lowest Cost

Reliable in-building connectivity is critical.  Yet even as 5G adoption continues to accelerate, CSPs are challenged to build out network coverage that is sufficiently dense and powerful to penetrate most buildings and venues.  The SOLiD ALLIANCE 5G DAS platform efficiently delivers dedicated, reliable cellular coverage with multi-operator support in any building, campus, stadium, or airport.  A modular remote system allows easy capacity upgrades and changes in frequency bands to adapt to new spectrum allocations.  Keep pace with new technology advancements without expensive and time-consuming rip and replace scenarios with the ALLIANCE 5G DAS platform for faster speeds, more capacity, and unmatched signal strength.  To learn more about how to protect and optimize your in-building connectivity investment, click here.