SOLiD Selects Ranplan for Indoor HetNet Planning and Optimization

New generation of design and optimization tools deliver alternative to legacy in-building design
Texas, USA – SOLiD, a leading provider of equipment solutions for wireless networks, has announced it will be using Ranplan Wireless’ powerful combined indoor and outdoor wireless network planning solution as its tool of choice for future projects.
Ranplan Professional’s ability to design and optimize complex in-building DAS and HetNets provides SOLiD with a flexible and accurate alternative to the legacy in-building design tools it has relied on in the past.
Ranplan Professional is the only all-in-one, planning, optimization and simulation solution for Small Cells, DAS and Wi-Fi networks that also delivers combined indoor and outdoor modelling capabilities and meets growing coverage and capacity complexities presented by 5G and the Internet of Things.
“One of the major reasons we chose to partner with Ranplan Wireless was the advanced capabilities of its technology and willingness to respond quickly to our needs by adding new features and functionalities,” said Lakshmin Thiagarajan, Director, Certification and Design at SOLiD. “The hybrid nature of Ranplan Professional also gives us much greater flexibility moving forward as customer project needs shift towards HetNet densification.”
“We are delighted to announce our partnership with SOLiD, which will introduce our technology to major players in key markets,” said Alastair Williamson, CEO Ranplan Wireless. “With increasing demand for greater in-building capacity and coverage, demand for Ranplan Professional has been accelerating over the last 12 months,” he added.
SOLiD and Ranplan Wireless will be running joint training sessions at VZTUF XII, Hilton Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas. The training session titled “Ranplan Wireless Propagation – Modelling Software Alternative” will provide an introduction to the software and will be followed by a session on creating and implementing an actual in-building design using SOLiD components. The sessions will run on Monday, Jan. 15 from 1pm-3pm and Wednesday Jan. 17 from 1pm-3pm in Room 400.
About SOLiD
SOLiD ( helps keep people stay connected and safe in a rapidly-changing world through a portfolio of RF Amplifier, RF Radio and Optical Transport solutions. SOLiD enables indoor and outdoor cellular and public-safety communications at some of the world’s best-known and most challenging venues including leading hospitals; professional, and college sports venues; government, university and Fortune 500 corporate buildings and campuses; international airports and metropolitan subways; and other high-profile sites. For further information on SOLiD DAS, Backhaul and Fronthaul solutions, go to or call 888-409-9997.
About Ranplan Wireless
Ranplan Wireless is an innovative wireless technology company that has developed world leading software tools for outdoor/indoor wireless network planning, design and optimization, using advanced 3D building modelling and radio propagation simulation. The company is at the forefront of research and development for radio propagation, femto/small cell design, automatic RAN optimization and the deployment of complex HetNets.
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