Sharpen Competitive Advantage with Cutting-Edge Skillsets

SOLiD DAS TrainingSeamless connectivity for any commercial building’s tenants, visitors, and employees depends on a properly operating and up-to-date in-building distributed antenna system (DAS). But even the most advanced DAS infrastructure requires a properly trained workforce to ensure correct deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Unfortunately for today’s third-party operators and system integrators, the telecommunications industry is plagued with skilled labor shortages. This skill gap is partly due to the number of experienced workers reaching retirement age, but it has further deepened due to the rising need to ramp up deployments of 5G and broadband networks quickly.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a sufficient number of technicians already on the payroll, it’s inevitable that many of those employees will have some gaps in their level of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). Technical training provides the KSAs needed to perform network management functions. This training improves overall job performance and enhances employees’ confidence in their abilities.

Moreover, by investing in a training program, companies demonstrate that they value their employees. This investment goes a long way toward making personnel feel appreciated and satisfied with their careers, helping to alleviate frustration and reduce expensive employee turnover. Employees want access to ongoing training and development opportunities to keep up with the rapid evolution of new technologies pushing us to become a perpetual-learning culture.

Ultimately, properly trained workers make fewer mistakes, so you can take pride in your team of experts and the work they complete on-site at your customers’ buildings, campuses, and entertainment venues.

Build a Solid Foundation

As a leading supplier of DAS solutions, SOLiD is committed to educating the industry about the latest technology and techniques to enable seamless, high-performance, in-building connectivity. The content and methodologies of the SOLiD training and certification program go beyond what traditional programs typically offer. Our training focuses on clarity and simplicity to allow attendees to strengthen any KSA weaknesses, ensuring that workers can properly design, install, configure, and monitor our DAS equipment.

An effective training program ensures that all your engineers and technicians have standard KSAs to provide consistent customer service. This consistency is extremely important to understanding processes, products, or services. For example, the SOLiD Commissioning and Integration course ensures that installation technicians have the skillsets to configure a SOLiD DAS for reliable wireless service properly.

A strong training program builds a solid foundation of technical expertise that will improve your company’s brand and reputation. This investment in a properly trained workforce spurs the career growth of your existing employees and attracts new personnel talent and potential customers, helping to drive overall company growth.

We want to ensure that the people tasked with DAS installation, operation, and maintenance clearly understand every aspect of the SOLiD solution. Our learning and development experts tailor our training programs to your specific requirements.

SOLiD training begins virtually at, and it continues with in-person training at our Plano, Texas headquarters with three one-day certification courses. Day 1 of our certification program is the RF101 course which explains the concepts of decibels, relative decibels, RF characteristics, dB math, and wireless technologies. Day 2 teaches the basics of our ALLIANCE DAS products, along with detailed block diagrams describing the signal flow and how each piece of hardware supports, affects, and advances the signal flow. Day 3 teaches the steps necessary to commission the SOLiD ALLIANCE DAS successfully and integrate it with the mobile network operators’ signal sources.

Students may sign up for all three or any course individually. Prior experience is not required to participate in our training, but having basic knowledge of RF and wireless technology will help a student greatly. To learn more about how to invest in your company growth with DAS technical training, contact your local SOLiD sales representative or visit: