SOLiD enables indoor and outdoor cellular and public-safety communications at many of the world’s best-known and most challenging venues.  From the busiest airports and subways to Fortune 500 corporate buildings, hospitals, hotels, and universities, professional and college sports venues, government, industrial and logistics facilities, SOLiD’s modular solutions scale to every challenge. SOLiD continuously innovates to deliver best in class solutions with ALLIANCE 5G DAS, RocketWAVE 5G mmWave repeaters, Infinity Access optical fronthaul and backhaul, and SURF Open RAN (O-RAN) networks.  Edge Connectivity, SOLiD Coverage, visit or call 1-(888) 409-9997.




Introducing the New edgeROU Fiber2Antenna 5G DAS. Solve in-building cellular connectivity problems with SOLiD’s new fiber to the edge distributed antenna system. With support for all sub-6GHz cellular bands plus CBRS for private networks, edgeROU provides mobile connectivity for today and tomorrow.

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Webinar: Assuring the RAN: Mobile Access/RAN

Networks continue to become more complex and more dense, but network operations teams often are being called upon to manage and optimize them without much more in terms of resources. This webinar explores the use of analytics and automation in network deployment, management and assurance, with a particular focus on the Radio Access Network.

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